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Try one of our bento combos for the best value.
Comes with small salad and medium drink / Iced green tea.

About Japanese Cuisine
As an island country surrounded by the seas, Japanese cuisine takes advantage of the gifts provided by the ocean, including plenty of fresh fish, seaweed, and other marine products. Available farm land is used mainly for the cultivation of rice, the main staple in the Japanese diet. Filled with vegetables and seafood, Japanese cuisine has gained a well earned reputation for being healthy and natural, low in cholesterol, fat, and calories. It's no wonder then that the Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies of the countries of the world.

What makes us different?
Tired of the same fast food choices? Why not try something at the Fuji Grill? Although our restaurant is a value oriented quick service establishment, the food may remind you of something you see at a traditional sit down restaurant. Our Tokyo Steak must go through a special marinating process to reach its peak flavor and tenderness. Our Salmon and Tuna are supplied to us with strict quality control, ensuring excellent flavor. And unlike many other quick service restaurants, our items are designed with your health in mind. We also offer a wide range of vegetarian and seafood choices, as well as sugar free beverages such as Japanese Green Tea. Our master chef Kazuo Ikeda has developed the Fuji Grill recipes with his many years of Japanese cooking experience. We're sure you'll find something to love at the Fuji Grill.